April 19, 2006


Claiming that "newcomers" are forcing them out of DC, an interdenominational coalition of Logan-Circle churchs called for a protest over DC officials' announced plan to begin enforcement of parking laws on Sundays against members of their congregations, said the Common Denominator.

A protest rally is planned for 2 p.m. April 23 in Logan Circle, and the group is circulating a petition calling on Mayor Williams to delay that for at least a year to allow a task force to develop a "strategic approach" for addressing parking shortages around many large churches. (The strategic solution ought to be called Metro, by the way.)

The scheme they are complaining about would prohibit random double parking and the arbitrary creation of parking spaces on the median. To make things easier for the churches, an extra 77 parking regular spaces have been created for the general public and an extra spaces were created for Sunday-only parking as well.

At first Logan Circle residents were unhappy about the random parking, now the churches are unhappy. You know when you got something right when no one is happy. Kudos to DDOT and all other who crafted this solution. Let's hope it sticks.

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