March 8, 2006


No fisticuffs. No eggings. No more dirty words. The dispute between parishioners of Logan Circle churches and residents over illegal parking on Sundays appears about over. With the Logan Circle ANC and input from the churches, DC Dept of Transportation have agreed to create more parking spaces and the metropolitan Police Dept. Agreed to vigorously enforce the law. We shall see how this play out.

For the time being, activist Todd D. Lovinger of Logan Residents for Equitable Enforcement of Parking Regulations, described the deal as "a positive thing all around."

Under the scheme: an extra 77 parking regular spaces have been created for the general public and an extra were created for Sunday-only parking from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 pm. (That's church hours for you partygoers.) The Sunday-only spaces will be created by allowing angled parking in certain locations along Vermont Ave. and 11th Streets and designating additional parking on both sides of certain median strips on Sundays to prevent double-parking and the blocking in of legally parked vehicles).

There also is a tentative commitment to begin full-time enforcement of all traffic regulations, including the codified prohibition against double parking at all times beginning in early May after a 3-week warning period goes into effect.

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