April 19, 2006


Go to a party in DC where cake is served and you will find invariably find a Cakelove box, which is too bad in our opinion because we find their cakes to be expensive (starting $55 for a seven inch) and dry. Sorry Warren.

What's a cake lover to do? Try Taco Pepitos Bakery in Adams Morgan at 1762 Columbia Road NW. Great looking cakes delivered for only $30, including a frosting message. Admittedly the cakes can be a tad on the dry side too but the wood cabinet, the scooters outside, the bachata on the stereo can overcome deficiencies if one wants to soak in the local color.

Their website promises "in Tacos Pepito's Bakery you will only find authentic Mexican cuisine and an ample variety of genuine Mexican pastries." The pastries are great for dunking in coffee. Furthermore they offer tacquito party platters, real nachos, cubano sandwiches, steamed beef cabeza tacos etc. Ahhh just like Mexico City.

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