April 20, 2006


Well "a deal" is better than "no deal," but what about peak hours.

Specifically, the Metro board today will approve an 18-month pilot program extending Yellow Line from the growing movie and restaurant hub that is Gallery Place-Chinatown to Fort Totten during off-peak and weekend hours, said the WaExam. Ward One Council member Jim Graham has been working hard on this issue.

The weekend extension should be especially good news for the developers of the Grid USA project, which will house a Target (Tar-shay), Bed, Bath & Beyond, Best Buy and other retailers. Off-peak and weekend ridership has increased by double digits in recent years.

In a compromise to appease Maryland, the DC agreed to back off its opposition to expanding Red Line service to the Shady Grove station during off-peak and weekend hours.

So how do we get rush-hour service on the Yellow line at Shaw, U Street, Columbia Heights and Georgia Avenue stations?

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