June 16, 2007

Condo Sales Hype

The Story
--- Developers of the Grant condo in Logan Circle threw a glitzy party to boost sales. The party with a National player drew attention in the WaPo.
--- Why hold these sales parties? "We're in Washington. People love their events and their black tie and their kind of sassy parties," said Tracy Danneberg, special events coordinator for Metropolis Development. "You have to keep up with it and be different."

Bubble View:
--- Do these parties really sell units? Recently I saw a party for the Beauregard and thought to myself looking at all the cliched buff men dressed in black, this would be a turnoff if I were a buyer. (I think the park expensive cars out front and import beautiful people to enhance the look too.) I thought the first rule of effective sales is: make the client feel comfortable, not feel intimidated.
--- I wonder if the sales staff likes this marketing tool because they want to want to throw a party, not because it improves sales. I want to see the balance sheet not be feed sorbet cocktails. Then again, the second rule of marketing is: sell the sizzle, not the steak, especially when the steak is not the best cut.
--- Third rule: The flashier the party, the lousier the deal.

Link: WaPo


suicide_blond said...

i have to agree with you..
the flashier the party... the worse the deal.. i dont want to have to cover the cost of such a party with a padded price on MY deal...
just show me the goods..
'cause im pretty sure i can find a better party..

Anonymous said...

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paula said...
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Jo said...

I can totally agree with this post. You should definitely want to make the buyer feel comfortable to enter an event like that. The goal like is to improve sales.

lisa_d said...
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