June 15, 2007

Rape! Murder! in Friendship Heights!

Putting an overwrought debate to rest, the DC Zoning Commission gave initial approval to the 5220 Wisconsin Ave. condo project. The seven story building caused one ANC commissioner assert that moving forward with this project is akin to "fxxxin rape our neighborhood."

Bubble View:
--- Please. Admist the Steak and Eggs and cars, people are actually fighting development. This site is blocks from a Metro station. C'mon people time to step up and say no to baloney sandwichs.


mocny said...

good site :*

Anonymous said...

The DC Zoning Commission has just given its preliminary approval of this project.

Anonymous said...

lol. continuing from above post.......

and, I am glad that it is moving forward. But, I think more work needs to be done on the design and architecture of this building.

Anonymous said...

It is actually on the same block as teh Friendship Heights metro. The NIMBY opponents, according to the NW Current, and still fuming and going to be fighting this and other rational development proposals on Wisconsin Ave,

What a waste of time, Why not focus on making these propsals better (more green, more aestheticly pleasing, etc.)?

Instead, we will spend the next five years listening to the same sad rhetoric.