June 17, 2007

Metro HQ Move Gets Serious

The Story:
--- Metro will open a three-month window for considering offers to relocate its headquarters. Relocation offers can come from all local jurisdictions after Metro adopts criteria for evaluating the proposals.
--- Mayor Adrian Fenty I submitted an unsolicited offer in April for Metro to move to a new building near its Anacostia station as part of the city's efforts to revitalize that area.

Bubble View:
--- Freeing up downtown development space would be great for the city, but its hard to believe Metro employees would relish a move to Anacostia.

Link: WashExam


Lance said...

They probably wouldn't ... but since when have we started guaranteeing our municipal employees a location that is primo. The rest of us in private industry don't get these guarantees ... and we're not public servants.

Relocation Katy said...

I agree with lance they probably wouldn't, most of us aren't public servant and don't receive such guarantees.