May 25, 2006


Another problem with DC is that it has too many passive parks. Nice open green-spaces that offer very little in the way of recreation. Too many spaces without amenties, such as playgrounds, benechs, tennis courts, basketball courts, dog runs etc.

Given this fact of life, DC Bubble is unsympathetic to the following headline in the WaPo: "Urban 'Oasis' to Lose 50 Trees for a Garage" near the Marriott Wardman Park hotel in Woodley Park. While the trees are without a doubt are beautiful, the real shame is that this valuable land, next to numerous apartment buildings, is going unused as "a park." If we were to lose a (insert you favorite amenity here, i.e. a playground) we would cry foul too, but this land has none of these things and is another bad example of a passive park in DC.

The hotel owner, JBG Cos., plans to overhaul the property, to build the underground grarage and an eight-story extension to the hotel that will house about 120 condos. JBG also intends to convert about 400 of the existing 1,334 hotel rooms into condos. The work should be completed by late 2008 or early 2009. The DC zoning administrator ruled that JBG can build the condo tower as a matter of right. Members of the Neighborhood Advisory Commission are challenging that decision.

Wethinks placing a story in the WaPo about the trees is really about opposition to the condo tower. NIMBY folks also complained about curbcuts too. If you can't win the court of public law, fight in the court of public opinion.

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