February 27, 2006


Plans are to convert part of the glorious Wardman Park Mariott into condos and then to tear down an existing ballroom and parking structure in 2007 and to build more ... can you hold your breath? ... even more condos.

To discuss the project the Woodley Park ANC will hold a meeting Feb. 27 at Oyster Bilingual Elementary School at 29th & CalvertStreets NW with the developer JBG. Though the building currently is zone for residential and hotel use, JBG need permission to convert the hotel to condos and raze the ballroom, plus make three always controverial curb-cuts. Curb cuts reduce on-street parking, which is so vital in a neighborhood that sits atop a Metro station and a major bus line. The dialouge with the JBG has already begun.

More residential units in Woodley Park may help the dreadful dining in the neighborhood. Many restaurants along the strip in WP look great, but taste very mediore. Spend money to attract one-time customers from the hotel, but dont bother to make it taste good because we will never see them again, you can imagine restrauntuers saying.

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Tim said...

Any idea where I can get more info on the project? Specifically diagrams. I'm very familiar with the hotel, and as a WP resident, I've often said the same thing about the quality of the restaurants. If they had to cater to more residents, the overall quality would increase.

On the project: I read that pdf, but I don't know which tower is the Park Tower and which is the Wardman Tower. I assume the historic tower is the Wardman?