March 14, 2006


curbcuts. Nevermind the war. Nevermind the millions to be spent on the stadium. Residents of Woodley Park are passionate about their curbs.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Citing increased traffic, pedestrian dangers, less on-street parking, and loss of trees and green space, some 70 members of the Woodley Park Community Association voted overwhelmingly Thursday to oppose any new driveways on Woodley Road associated with Chevy Chase-based JBG Cos.’ redevelopment of the Marriott Wardman Park hotel.
Green space? Three feet of dirt, crab grass and CVS plastic bags does not qualify as green acres in my book. Loss of parking? They want the curb cuts to gain access to parking lots. Plus this is across the street from the Woodley Park metro, so how much parking is really needed.

C'mon. Methinks this is a way to stall/fight the development proposal. Let'em convert the hotel into condos. More residents and fewer conventioners/tourists is better for the city.

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