May 5, 2006


Wash Nats Prez Elect Stan Kasten, says the WaPo, worked on two stadiums in Atlanta including:

"Turner Field is known for its wide concourses, a brewpub that overlooks the field and small signs shaped like home plate that indicate how far fans are from home plate. The ballpark is kid-friendly: At one end is Tooner Field, a cartoon-themed interactive area, and Scout's Alley, with more interactive games, which Kasten called essential because children aren't inclined to sit still for a three-hour game.

Janet Marie Smith, an architect who worked with Kasten on Turner Field and Philips Arena, said yesterday that Kasten was innovative, stacking all the luxury suites at Philips on one side of the building in order to lower the upper level of seats.

His buildings also are designed to make money."

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