May 5, 2006


The debate over DC's Tenleytown development is becoming Clintonesque. For instance, this post by Marilyn Simon on the Tenleytown listserve asks the question: "Is a 79 foot building shorter than a 64 foot building?"

At stake is Akridge development's proposed building at 5220 Wisconsin Ave, which is next to the Friendship Heights Metro. Proposed is a 60 to 70 unit condo with approximately 13,000 SF of ground floor retail space. Half of the building is 5 stories or lower and the other half is 7 stories. Currently there is a used car lot, an auto body repair shop and a flower store.

One might imagine the fight is over how soon the development can begin considering what's there now. But no. Simon and others argue that the building is too dense, too tall. Ackridge cried foul and said Simon is trying to mislead. Others point out that there already are buildings in the area as tall. And besides the site is next to a Metro stop.

Given the shabby state of upper Wisconsin Ave., why would anyone fight to keep what is pictured above and oppose what is pictured below? Or are we the crazy ones?

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