May 4, 2006

Here's A Tip For Ya: Get A Meter

Took two 10-block taxi-cab rides yesterday morning for $7.50 each and one this morning again for $7.50. The last cabbie did not have change for a $20 bill. He took my $20 bill, though he did not have change, and told me to call the police when I asked for my money back so I could get change. Unbelieveable.

We pay too much for cabs. We get rude service. We get dirty cars. The taxicab commission's priorities are to serve cab companies, first; dirvers, second; and passengers, last.

The policians don't care to rock the boat. The drivers don't care about passengers' desire for meters. Forget making arguments such as: you will get more business, Mr. Cab driver, if fares more closely match distance traveled as with meters because drivers don't want to hear it. Beleive us.

How to get meters? You could say "dont take cabs" but such a boycott only hurts those that need cab service. Here's what we propose: instead of giving a monetary tip, give a piece of advice: Mr. Cab Driver get us meters in our cabs. Here's you exact fare. For this to work you must have quarters in your pocket and enough dissatisfied passengers to participate.

True this is an extreme solution, but the when-are-the-meters-coming question has been outstanding for far too long. After two-and-a-half decades in DC, our patience has run out.

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