April 18, 2006


Finally someone will pay CASH for your great idea to improve DC. Submit your scheme by May 5 and be eligible to receive a $5K, $2.5K or $1 for the idea that wins, places or shows. All sponsored by the June and John Hechinger Family Trusts and donors to the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region.

These ten interesting ideas have already been taken. They dont cost alot or they raise money and they have not been defeated time and time again i.e. the commuter tax.

  1. Private landscaping and maintenance of public spaces in exchange for advertising;
  2. Pride of D.C. Street Cleanup Day;
  3. Break Height Cap/Build More Affordable Housing;
  4. The District's schoolteachers, police officers, and firefighters must be able to live a middle-class life;
  5. A Few Playgrounds wouldn't hurt;
  6. Snack Tax;
  7. Police Walking the Streets;
  8. Trash breeds Crime;
  9. Citywide WiFi!;
  10. DC needs a mural program like Philly!

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