April 18, 2006


Garden District, "an urban garden center" on 14th St. in Logan Circle, is looking to open a second location somewhere. Entrepreneur Joe Carmack is looking at H Street NE, Petworth - along Georgia Ave. - or Hyattsville. He wants to sign a lease as soon as possible, says the WaBizJour.

Given the lack of places to buy garden products in DC, a second Garden District would be a great thing. The folks at Frozen Tropics are already contemplating ways to bring Garden District to their neighborhood. C'mon Petworth show them some love too and encourage this business and others to stay here in DC.

DC Bubble has to give Carmack a round of applause. Garden District is a great place to buy plants, seedlings, pots, seasonal christmas trees and pumpkins and get some real advice about why the azellas have turned brown and twiggy (Try watering them!). Furthermore, he took what looks like an old gas station and found a new use for it without sinking a bundle into it. Cheers.

pix by Daquella manera

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