January 16, 2006

Morning Feed

SAVE WHOLE FOODS. Whole Foods had been looking hard along 14th in Columbia Heights to bring their fourth store to DC. But apparently the gourmet market is not as close to committing as was once believed. This news comes on the heels of the Adams Morgan Harris Teeter store inching toward approval last week.

Whole Foods was contemplating the DC USA retail complex which is being developed directly across from the Columbia Heights Metro Station by Grid Properties. Target (Tar-shay), Bed, Bath & Beyond and Best Buy already have committed there.

After many months, there have been "some stumbling blocks" with the Whole Foods' talks, according to Columbia Heights News. You see, at a minimum, Whole Foods needs 45,000 SF of retail space. But the developers are only offering 35,000 SF because of the way the property is configured. As a point of reference, the Whole Foods at 14th and P Sts NW is 37,000 SF. What's more, Whole Foods has not been promised the requested number of parking spaces in the structure's underground lot, which will be owned by DC. In short Whole Foods is saying a 10,000 SF shortfall is a big headache for them.

Whole Foods' arm can be twisted though. Recall, Whole Foods in the late 1990's contemplated a store at 13th and U Sts NW before committing to their current location on P St. Karen Riley of Whole Foods says "show me" how much interest there is, so send her emails if you want a store in Columbia Heights to become a reality. Email: karen.riley@wholefoods.com. Copy info@columbiaheightsnews.org on any emails because these good folks are organizing the campaign to slam this deal home.

MORE ON WATERSIDE MALL REVAMP. The inclusion of more housing has helped to get the project moving again, says the Washington Post. Also Steuart Investment plans to construct apartments on H St. NE.

PRESERVATIONIST BEMOAN razing of Naval Observatory buildings.

INDEBLUE EXTENDED its Restaurant Week menu. Check others.


David said...

Good riddance to that awful concrete monstrosity that is Waterside Mall.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see the Whole Foods go in near the Petworth Metro station. They should just tear diown the rancid old Safeway on Georgia Avenue there and build a brand new Whole Foods!

wayan said...

As you'll note on DC Metblogs, Columbia Heights News isn't 100% on the up and up. More like a false front for developers, its not to be trusted till its known who they really are.

wayan vota said...

the secrecy of columbia heights news has taken over the columbia heights newsgroup - 20 of the last 30 posts (62%) are folks wondering who is behind it. I got dibs on a local housing real estate firm backing a realtor couple.

Just read my original again:
DC Metblogs

i'm so proud of this one. i love sluething if u kno what i mean ;).

I participate a lot in this ch news group.

The way I get these dibs is by going on there. its the best way i say. sometimes I hide my identity...

here I am tealspider announcing my new article:

i also came in as ihatecolumbiaheightsnews:

he he. fun stuff heh? whaddya think? pretty wild. me think so too. he he......

i also post as me...well... dcmajestic- wayan@bellybuttonxxx (don't email me)

yay! google me. i luv googlin!

did i ever say i luv belly buttons? but to point.

you see I use anonimity to get answers. call me secret detective or whatever. but i ain't afraid to say who i am. but them folks just spill the beans when they feel a little bit of heat if you kno what i mean ;). That's how i got the dibs on that real estate firm. someone trusting told me its wilobi or billiby realty of ch. something like that. heard of them? i don't know much about them. probably some underground sh*t. just be careful when you reference these damn developers ok?

wayan said...


I didn't write the second comment here attributed to me. Even a quick review will reveal that the bulk of the second post, everything past the DC Metbog reference, is not in my writing style. The content before the DC Metbolgs link is copied word-for-word from my DC Metblog post.

Notice the difference?