January 14, 2006

Ding Dong the Mall Is Dead

DING DONG THE MALL IS DEAD. Well not exactly dead, but at least the execution has been scheduled for sometime in the future on a day no one really knows when yet. But on that very day, DC will rejoice for the Waterside Mall will be no more. Chamaigne corks will pop in the restaurants while there is dancing on the tables.

The half billion project to redevelop the 13 acre Waterside Mall at 4th and M Sts. SW is on again. Potential tenant Fannie Mae backed out last year, so the whole thing was put on hold, explains the Washington Business Journal. The landowner, the National Capital Revitalization Corp. that is developing Columbia Heights, will be the lead tenant with Waterfront Associates.

Under the deal, NCRC will develop 400,000 SF of residential space. Waterfront - a consortium of developers -- will develop an eye-popping 2.1 million SF of office, residential and retail space. Under the plan, fourth street will reopen as well.

Before you celebrate recognize that this deal still is very fresh and that the DC Council must endorse it. Stadium lease. New hospital. Now this third item. Question of the Day: How many balls can the clownish DC Council juggle at one time? Answer: Zero.

DC Bubble predicts yet another circus at One Judiciary Square. Please pass the cotton candy.

One Liner

$100 MILLION FOR DC SCHOOLS approved by DC Council Committee. The dough comes from the sales tax.

ADAMS MORGAN HARRIS TEETER ONE STEP CLOSER. The DC Board of Zoning Adjustment gave approval this week of the zoning variances for the proposed Harris Teeter grocery store to be located at 17th & Kalorama NW. The order contains 17 conditions, including a required Truck Management Plan that must win endorsement by DC DOT before a certifcate of occupancy will be issued.

"By and large, most of these conditions in concept track those that the developer and the [Adams Morgan Advisory Neighborhood Commission] proposed," said ANC Commissioner Alan Roth in a recent email.

As noted on DCist some still have quibbles with Harris Teeter coming to the neighborhood. Though, for god's sake, DC Bubble can't understand why. Its not like DC has lots of grocery stores to choose from? Whole Foods is overpriced. Safeway is hit or miss. Giant. Don't get DC Bubble started.

Wouldn't it be great if everyone shopped at neighborhood bodegas and green markets to buy their food? Well they don't. Not in DC. Not in the U.S. Not in Europe.

TAX ASSESSMENTS UP 18% in Arlington.

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Anonymous said...

What exactly *was* the Waterfront Mall? I know it was some sort of ill-fated/conceived development project, but that's the most I can find out about it. Was it actually a mall with stores and a foodcourt and whatnot (I gather the answer to this is "no," but have no support for that suspicion. . .).