January 11, 2006

Morning Feed

DRIP. DRIP. DRIP. Its very quiet on the baseball stadium front. This could be a sign that real negotiations are taking place, as Mayor Williams suggests. Or that nothing is happening as Councilman Jack "The Great-White Hope" Evans suggests.

How long can this impasse last? Perhaps 162 games. Major League Baseball is not going to pull the Nats franchise from DC during the season because they know fans would not support the team. The DC Council has dug in its heals. DC Bubble has a feeling we are only experiencing the first intermission of a very, very long opera.

Is Virginia going to try to steal the team away? Maybe there will be a regional solution where DC, NOVA and Md. work together to put together a deal because in the end all will benefit. Ha. Ha. Ha.

One Liners

THE BITCH SET HIM UP AGAIN. Mayor-For-Life Marion Barry tests positive for cocaine use. Question of The Day: Will jail-time increase or decrease Barry's chances of getting re-elected to the DC Council? Before you say increase remember there are signs the new kids on the block dont respect the old guy.

WHAT DO ANC COMMISSIONERS DO IN THEIR SPARE TIME? Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner David Sobelsohn argued in court that the landlord of his apartment at Capitol Park Plaza at 201 I St. SW effectively evicted him when it took over his patio. Whoa!! Dont mess with this guy.

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