January 11, 2006

Afternoon Flash

AT LEAST ITS OVER. But in DC nothing is over until its over. As reported in the Washington Times the police will begin ticketing double parked cars around Logan Circle churches as early as this weekend.

The arguments against and annoyances of allowing the double parking are obvious and have been well articulated by home and condo owners in the neighborhood. DC Bubble only wishes that some effort were made to accommodate this long-standing practice. People complain about homogenization, but then when something is unique they complain about that too.

The churches affected by the new policy include: Vermont Avenue Baptist Church at 1630 Vermont Ave. NW, Metropolitan Baptist Church at 1225 R St. NW, Lincoln Congregational Temple United Church of Christ at 1701 11th St. NW and Tenth Street Baptist Church at 1000 R St. NW.

Oh well there goes the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

The community IS and WILL CONTINUE working with the churches to find legal means to the parking issues in the Logan Circle area. 'Accomodating' is NOT a long term solution to this issue as the neighborhood continues to grow. The law is needed moreso now to insure the safety of both residents and congregants alike due to the increased traffic in the area. Instead of stirring the pot, why don't you come up with LEGAL solutions and help facilitate this process. Instead of moving the city forward, you want to move it backwards. The bottom line is that the roads in that area today with the increased traffic, cannot safely support double parking (and never supported parking in front of hydrants). A true committee to have this resolved would include at least two public safety officer (to oversee safety issues for all recommendations - fire, rescue, and police), equal number of church officials, and an equal number of residences. I believe that enforcement of the law will bring all parties to the table to come to a long term solution - or at least a phased longer term solution.

dcbubble said...

DC Bubble is "stiring the pot" just because its opinion differs from yours?

Anonymous said...

It's about time. The law is the law like it or not. The churchgoers complain "where were you a decade ago," well I say since you drive here you obviously don't live in the neighborhood either. So don't pull that played out card. You gave up on the neighborhood long ago, don't punish those who want to bring it to life again.

Anonymous said...


Please tell me where is the danger in parking or is this a euphemism for the people that are parking on Sunday in the Logan Circle area?

Clyde Howard

Nearly all men can stand adversity,
but if you want to test a man's character,
give him power.

-- Abraham Lincoln

dcbubble said...

You cant tell me you cant see the risk here. The danger comes from:
-- blocked access to fire hydrants,
-- blocked access to vehicles ("Help lets go to the hospital.") and
-- increased risk of accidents because no expects you to park in the middle of the road.