December 23, 2005

You Gotta Comment!?!

PLAY BALL, NOT CHICKEN, the Washington Post says about the potentially greatest real estate deal in the city's history. While my heart is with the editorial writers at the WP, they strike me as being incredible naive and unhelpful.

Isn't playing chicken part of playing ball? Business negotiations over real estate or whatever often crumble or are consumated based on the Yogi-ism "It ain't over til its over." Congress, in fact, operates this way. Hellooooo ... Washington Post. The editorial goes on to say MLB "should not stand in the way or seek to discourage prospective team owners who wish to discuss constructive ways to handle building costs." As discussed earlier, this scheme will lower the price of the Nats. So it should be no surprise that MLB resists letting the city make a deal. Baseball owners are sharks with the sharpest teeth, remember.

C'mon put wishful thinking aside, Washington Post. Someone powerful should make a real case for the stadium (i.e. job creation, revenue generation, fun!!, baseball will make a bundle in D.C.) or the Nats will go away. The high ground won't cut it in this case, maybe its time for the Post to really start placing blame and point its finger at the man who runs this town (not George W.).


Nancy said...

Let the Nats go away. Or at least into the suburbs. We don't need to spend our money on this.

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