December 22, 2005

Morning Feed

NO STADIUM, NO COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FUND. At risk is up to $125 million for school construction and modernization, $45 million for improving public libraries, $10 million for plans to build a new hospital and $2 million for supplies at McKinley Technology High School in Northeast, says the Washington Times. D.C. officials say those projects would be in doubt if the $667 million stadium project doesn't move ahead as planned.

COMING TO WALTER REED HOSPITAL: A federal agency, not private development, i.e. condos, restaurants, hotels? GSA has expressed interest in the 113-acre campus, set to close in 2010, says the Washington Examiner. Applications to redevelop the site on Georgia Ave. are due by Jan. 16 and federal government has first dibs.

BRUHAHA IN PETWORTH over condo conversion, says the WE. The fight over 809-811 Otis Place NW is like the epic battle over Sursam Corda only in minature.

DON'T PROMISE TO PAY D.C. for stadium upgrades MLB tells potentional owners of the Nats because...because...well because that might lower the price that we get for selling the team. Washington Post says Nats Bidders Told Not to Offer Funds as MLB tries to thwart private deals. This supposedly is what Marion Barry was working.

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