December 24, 2005

Weekend Roundup

BLINDNESS AT THE CENSUS DEPT: DC population fell by 3,718 to 554,239 over the past year. Maybe those folks over at the US Census Bureau should look out their windows to see all the baby strollers on Capitol Hill and elsewhere in DC. Wait they cant see the little ones becaue their view is blocked by all the new condos. Wait Census is located in Suitland, Md, so what do they know? This cant be right.

Now This Is More Like It: Leadership Void Keeps Stadium Deal Up in the Air, says analysis from the Washington Post. Yesterday, we said something very similar. We guess we will have to take back our assertion that the post is "naive." You know the void -- the leadership void -- has gotten pretty wide if Sir Marion Barry gets to assert his voice counts.

SALE ON K STREET: Starwood Capital Group reached a deal to sell the 563,800-SF office building at 1801 K St. for $250M to NYC's Somerset Partners, says the CoStar Group. The deal works out to about $443 per SF.

GOODBYE AFFORADABLE HOUSING: Some D.C. Apartment Rents Found to Exceed Caps, says the Washington Post.

NO PROGRESS ON LEASE. D.C.: Officials have so far failed to persuade developers and the federal government to chip in for a new ballpark for the Nats, says the Washington Times. As for the very expensive Metro upgrades, a DC official said no one from the White House "has said 'no way,' and we consider that progress" on the question of whether the feds will kick in for rail, the Times of DC reported.


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