December 21, 2005

Morning Feed

Barry Is Still Mayor-For-Life: Reporting that Councilman Marion Barry Moved to Block Stadium, the Post says the ex-mayor claimed credit for rallying a majority of the council to block the mayor's ballpark plans. “To some on the council, Barry seemed to be exhibiting more leadership than Williams or council Chairman Linda Cropp,” said the Post. Uhhh. Hmm. You know, they may be soothsayers at the Post. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. The truth hurts. The Examiner has this to say.

Nowww you tell me! The Washington Post warns Borrower Beware: Interest Only. ARM Rates are rising and some homeowners are worried they may lose their houses. Yikes. Our sympathies.…Housing start fell slightly, 1.3 percent, in the South, which includes the Washington area, says the Post. ... Bill to dedicate sales tax revenue to fund Metro was introduced in D.C.

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