June 8, 2007

Union Station Plaza to Get Facelift

The Story:
--- Construction should begin in the fall, assuming the the National Capital Planning Commission and the Commission of Fine Arts give the green light. Construction on Columbus Circle, the plaza's formal name, should take 18 to 24 months.
--- "We're really looking to dramatically change that place, so that the taxi, bus, pedestrian and vehicular circulation is improved, as well as getting increased park space," says John Deatrick, chief engineer and deputy director of D-DOT.

Bubble View:
--- Hopefully this will improve the plaza, like the Thomas Circle rehab, improved that space. Though we have to wonder why a better job with the plantings on the revamped circle.

Link: WTOP

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, the Thomas Circle construction "improved that space"? Maybe for cars, but it's a bigger nightmare now for pedestrians. Hopefully the same won't be true of the Columbus Circle renovation, although it would be tough for that area to get worse for peds.