December 29, 2005

Ain't It Grand

Word on the Street

The new Thomas Circle was supposed to be finished in January. Of course work on the project wont be done in time. But the restoration of DC's beloved Thomas Circle is such a great project, who cares how long it take to complete. The project to snatch the circle away from SUVs and return it to pedestrians is nearly complete. First G Street in front of the MLK library was reopened, now this. Maybe Pennsylvania Ave in Front of the White House will be opened too.

Circa 2004
Circa 2006

"The restoration and redesign of Thomas Circle will act as a catalyst completing one more essential element in the revitalization of this historic district," said the press release touting the project. Now a pessimist will say the revitalized circle will give vagrants one more place to defile, but c'mon. Look at this picture. I wanna hangout there on a night this spring. And Im not even a bike messenger.

One Liners

Using a special fund to pay for Metro upgrades also is under consideration by the DC Council, including lease opponnet councilman Jim Graham. Sounds like the stadium/lease issue is not done cooking. Obviously its not a slam dunk, but no one is walking away and the issue continue to germinate.

touted various programs to help moderate and low-income people buy homes across the city.

Another story about the slowing housing market in DC.

Nordstroms is looking at opening a store in PG county.

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