May 11, 2006

Riverfront Insanity Coming To A Close In DC

Progess is being made on the effort to replace a parking lot in G'town with a waterfront park, said the WaPo. It's hard to fathom the mindset that thought it was a good idea to use the waterfront for a parking lot.

No matter. Progress is being made. The park is planned to span the area from Key Bridge to the end of 31st Street.

Phase 1 is the stretch upstream from Wisconsin Avenue to the boathouses at Key Bridge, and construction is expected to begin this summer. Phase 2 is the terminus of Wisconsin Ave., where a plaza and fountain would connect the riverfront to the street, and construction on that won't begin until more funds are raised.

The third phase of construction would create two separate paths for bicycles and pedestrians, and would install trees and benches, from the Kennedy Center to about a half-mile upstream near Thompson boathouse, where visitors can rent kayaks, canoes and bikes and where many rowers keep their shells.

Quibbles: its going to be a passive park. In other words, the park will have paths and maybe a bench or two. No playgrounds, no cafes, no dog runs etc. Baby steps are important. Once its built, the other stuff can follow.

pix from the WaPo

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