April 27, 2006


Running parallel to the jogging track from the foot of the Kennedy Center to Thompson boathouse, construction will begin this spring on the $1.3 million, 1,650 foot pathway, according to the Northwest Current. If only a few bars, cafes and restaurants could be thrown into the mix too.

The walkway to be built by the National Park Service will be separated from the existing bike path by a cobbled median. Also in the conceptual stage is a pedestrian connection between the Kennedy Center and the walkway itself. Connection options include a grand staircase, a ramp or some kind of bridge and elevator system. Imagine walking from/to the Kennedy Center to someplace, anyplace.

Work also is set to begin on the waterfront park in Georgetown. The first phase, which will sit on the parking lot now on the river, will take about 18 months. The second phase is still awaiting funding.

If all goes well the Potomac waterfront soon will be an even better and more accessible place to visit. What would make it even better is kiosk or cafe selling something to eat while doing all this strolling.

Trash issues aside, it would be wonderful if the National Park Service would show some imagination on the food service. (Wishful thinking.) When was the last time anybody went to the Mall and enjoyed one of those soggy, overpriced hotdogs they sell down there. What works at the Grand Canyon does not work in DC. Think Central Park NPS, not Yosemite. (We're dreaming!)

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