March 28, 2006


A solicitation of offers was issued by the DC Office of Property Management for up to 15 acres of land in NE near RFK. In accordance with the wishes of the Bush administration, the site will be set aside for the School for Educational Evolution and Development (SEED), which has educated many poor DC residents who have gone on to college.

According to the solicitation, "the use of the 15-acre site near RFK Stadium is restricted to the siting, development, and operation of an educational institution for the public welfare. In accordance with Federal law, first preference will be given to a pre-collegiate boarding school," i.e. SEED. Two other properties (the Old Congress Heights School, located at 600 Alabama Avenue, SE, and the Bruce School, 770 Kenyon Street, NW) are covered by the solicitation too.

Maybe we could get a school, plus townhouses, condos or retail. Maybe without a joint effort, the school facility will be second-rate, but the extra funds will be make top-notch. Would the Oyster School in Woodley Park be as nice as it is if it were not coupled with a condo development? Not to mention that a little free-enterprise adds to the tax rolls.

Ahhhh...but we forgot developer-school renovation projects give some the willies. Plus it would be so hard to find a GOP congressman to tweak the law and pave the way for free enterprise given the current political clime in DC.

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