March 28, 2006


Trouble is brewing for the Orange line, particularly the portion that runs under the Potomac River.

For starters, the extension to Tysons Corner does not make sense. In the words of the WaExam:

"This ill-conceived project will not only carry far fewer passengers than promised, it will make an aesthetically challenged Tysons Corner even uglier and more pedestrian- unfriendly than it already is now."
Even with the limited number of passengers that the extension will attract, the currently overburdened line will be pushed well passed the breaking point with the few extra riders.

What's more, the planning-challenged Fairfax County board just gave a nod of approval to Pulte Home's Metrowest project that will bring scores of townhomes, condos and offices to the Orange line at the Vienna station.

When all this is said and done, the Potomac River tunnel will go from crowded, to the very crowded to very, very crowded to ... well you get the concept.

Bright Idea: build a second tunnel under the river, nix the train line extension for now and build bus transit instead, and extend Metro later on if the bus takes root (we bet it won't.)

pix by justindc

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