March 23, 2006


The answer to the following question reveals when a person moved to DC. Name the neighborhood to visit if you want to go to a Salvadorian restaurant? If the person says Adams Morgan, they arrived in the 1980's. If they say Mount Pleasnt, the 1990's. Columbia Heights, 2000's. And if they say Petworth, they are forward thinkers.

Speaking in the WaTimes a long-time resident said "It's getting to be like Spanish Harlem. It used to be Chocolate City up in here."

The discussion was sparked by a murder in Petworth. Apparently, Hispanic men, who often carry lots of cash, are targets of crime because they tend not to report things to the police.

DC shifting population only points to the hot real estate market of the next decade. Adams Morgan, Mount Pleasant and Columbia Heights all are hot markets that were gentrified, partially, by Hispanics who tend not to be as violent as African Americans. Don't flame me for saying this, please.

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