March 23, 2006


Washington Nationals could generate $203 million in revenue during their first season in a new stadium, excluding TV money, says the WaPo. This would put the Nats on par with storied franchises such as the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox in revenue terms. These and other rich teams over the years have been winners. And to my mind this would be a good thing. That said, many doubt the Nats could generate that much money, saying the study over estimates the team's value. Too bad.

ANOTHER U STREET THEATER. WaPo on the Howard Theater renovation on U Street. More here too.

SCHOOL CLOSING AN ART, NOT SCIENCE. Rather than simply closing elementary schools with enrollment of less than 300 students, as reported earlier, the DC BOE will protect "quality schools and programs in every neighborhood," says the WaPo. We take this as positive sign.

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