January 8, 2006

As Far As We Can See

DOUBLE PARKING FOR JESUS: Double-parked cars along Vermont Ave. between R & S streets toady June 8. The neighborhood has been up in arms about the danger, inconvenience and lack of a level enforcement playing-field in the application of parking laws. Meanwhile the parishioners say where were you complaining two decades ago when we first resorted to creative parking. The ANC chairman asks for tolerance, and the DC Bubble says there must be some middle ground.

Up On The Curb
Triple Parked Cars
Notice The Green Light


dcbubble said...


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... seems like the middle ground is the middle of the road.

mojo2004 said...

What if there was a fire on the street??????!

Anonymous said...

I live in this neighborhood and this is getting out of hand. When you turn a 2-way street into 1-way because of creative parking is just irresponsible. There is a metro station 2 blocks from these churches -- USE THEM. Further, there is additional parking on other close by streets that doesn't require this practice. To top it all off a good portion of this ILLEGAL activity is being committed by drivers from outside the District. DC Government, you better wake up and take care of this problem. You have been warned. If there is a fire or an emergency where the appropriate personel can not gain access through this area don't be surprised to find the City and these churches named in a lawsuit.

T ST NW Resident