February 5, 2006

Old Threads
Washington Examiner reports of booming housing market in NOMA where A.V. Restorante is being marketed for condos etc. ... Adams Morgan crime spikes ... Evidence of a soft landing in DC real estate. ... Furniture to go: Miss Pixies moves and Dragonfly opens. ... DC school closings and school modernization. ... Green buildings on the agenda for DC. ... Rising interest rates. ... Efforts to "save" the old Heurich Mansion, while management changes contemplated at the Lincoln Theater. ... Is this two bedroom condo in Southwest worth what they're asking? ... Tasty, unique wraps at Naan & Beyond. ... The Washington Post and Todd Lovinger of Logan Residents for Equitable Enforcement of Parking Laws report on the dispute between residents and parishioners, as well as the related verbal battle over at ANC 1B over accusations of racism.

Cars illegally parked in Logan Circle
on a Sunday in January.

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