February 4, 2006

Comfort Cuisine

Tired of the wrap trend. Well Naan & Beyond will be bring you back to it. Passed this Naan & Beyond at 1710 L St. a million times and wondered whether its worth it. It is.

In fact it worth a special trip for the Chicken Tikka combo, which we eat as take home for dinner sometimes and not just at lunchtime.

Burritos with an Indian twist is definitely a novel take on the world of wraps, which now includes: breakfast burritos, Thai wraps, hotter than hell wraps...you name it.

Using Naan, a flavorful indian flatbread, instead of a flour tortilla is where Naan & Beyond not surprisingly begins. My filling of choice is the grilled chicken, but you also can get lamb or veggies.

While waiting for your food, watch "the chef" make your naan in the clay tandoor over. This process might take a while because of the long lines and oft disorganized service. But remember the long lines are indicative of the good food.

Once you have tasted the succulently grilled chicken, you will notice the dipping sauces. The somewhat sweet mango gives a great balance to the chicken. The green cilantro and "hot" also are quite good. The staff will ask which one flavor you want with your wrap, but its not to hard to get all three if you are persistent.

The combo also comes with a bag of homemade potato chips. These are addictive and the above mentioned sauces make them a perfect complement, particularly the mango. The mango shake is good and so are the various indian curries and samosas, but the chicken tikka is the best and worth going out of you way for.


Developers have now kicked in $70M to guard against cost overruns, says the Washington Post. DC Council Chair Linda Cropp is now cautiously optimistic depending on which way the wind blows.

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