January 22, 2006

SCHOOL RECIPE NEEDS TIME TO COOK. The DC school masterplan now coming in Feb. with more advanced programs at many schools, not just at the magnet schools, and neighborhood schools getting more spending authority independent of the school board. Let's hope Superintendent Clifford Janey follows though on his ambitious vision and is not here today gone in two years.

DC schools must change if the city is to thrive, but they can only change with a sustained effort. And don't tune this topic out real estate investors. Couples used to flee Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan as soon as the words "baby wipes" passed their lips. Now they stay or try to until the wee one is ready for school. The real estate market would be that much more robust, if they actually thought they could send their children to the schools here.

City Paper tracks top alum from DC schools. ... Its been 50 years since the Archdiocese of Washington opened a new high school. Targeted toward low-income students, Cristo Rey, is set to open in the fall of 2007 in Takoma Park. ... As noted at DC Education Blog, Francis Scott Key elementary will receive a 15k grant from Best Buy to fund a high-tech classroom initiative.

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