January 23, 2006

FITNESS MADE SIMPLE. Making you feel even guiltier about already forgetting those New Year's resolutions, there are two new healthclub-gyms to choose from here in DC.

In Adams Morgan, the Mint is opening in February just off 18th and U Sts. To get things going, the Mint is offering their first 100 charter members $130 off the $175 enrollment fee. Act now.

More than a gym, the Mint when fully operational will include a spa, a lounge and a physical therapy suite. "There are plenty of alternatives. But what if your idea of re-energizing is a clean, natural environment, not clutter and loud music."

Top quality resistance equipment, personal training and nutritional counseling, massages, wi-fi etc. Goto the Mint's website where you'll be gently admonished to "condition yourself." Only two words, but they say so much.

And along H Street NE WillPower Health & Fitness Studio has just opened. Offering a similar menu of services, but in a more direct atmosphere, the 4,000SF facility will be "exceeding your expectations."

That's a promise. We dunno. Without a pithy two-word tagline DC Bubble already feels that Willpower Studio is a little more down market. No bother Willpower Studio features Technogym equipment, which sounds impressive to couch potatoes like us.

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