January 17, 2006

Not For Sale

FURNISHED TO THE MAX. The super-luxury apartment rental market always mystifies me a bit. We suppose people choose to rent an apartment and not buy because they want flexibility. No commitment. Well if you need only the best and want to wait until condo prices drop further, what do you do?

Clean & Well Lit
Too Beautiful To Cook In?

One option is to look here. For $2190 per month you can live at the Warwick at 3051 Idaho Ave. NW. Located kinda near Cleveland Park and kinda near Spring Valley and maybe near Glover Park.

Mind you this 740 SF apartment comes furnished with modern classics, Asian antiques and "good art," the ad says. Definitely a cut above the leftover Ikea, a smattering of Pottery Barn and the deceased Aunt collection that most in DC call furniture.

Moreover, the apartment comes with linens and towels, dishes, silverware and glasses, cooking equipment, TV and stereo. Soup to nuts. Hmmm....we wonder what the thread count is on those sheets. The apartment has a brand new kitchen with euro cabinets, "granite counters" and there is "a wonderful roof deck with Cathedral view." Full laundry in the basement.

For whom does this make sense financially? Pied au tier for a senator? Tom Cruise in town for a movie shoot? A Nat hung in limbo as the DC Council ponders the stadium lease?

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