January 25, 2006

NO FREE PARKING. The cost of unreserved parking in DC has gone up by $40 per month according to the latest survey conducted by Colliers. Higher parking fees, reflective of a national trend, show that the U.S. economy is growing and creating more jobs, so with the added demand prices have gone up. Capiche?

In 2005, the median price for parking in DC was $225 per space per month. In 2004 the cost was $265 per month. In fact 20 percent of all garages in DC have waiting lists. No wonder churchgoers in Logan Circle are parking all over the place.

The five most expensive parking districts in the US are; midtown Manhattan ($492), downtown Manhattan ($444), Boston ($425), San Francisco ($350) and Philadelphia ($318) all per month.

The news of higher prices at garages comes on the heels of the Mayor's proposal to increase the for a zone parking sticker.

Pix from Colonial Parking


Courts hear eminent domain arguments over stadium. ... Drive to cut costs to win DC Council approval of the stadium lease.


Colin said...

"In 2005, the median price for parking in DC was $225 per space per month. Just last year the cost was $265 per month."

2005 was last year.

urbannomad said...

It's ok dcbubble i still write 05 on most of my papers at work.

dcbubble said...

This is what happens to you when you start to get old, Collin.

Colin said...

No worries.