January 25, 2006

Comfort Cuisine
Save the architecural presenatations for someone else, DC Bubble loves homestyle food. Furthermore, the DC Bubble does not even have a favorite restaurant. Instead the Bubble has favorite dishes at restaurants here and there.

Case in point, the pork noodle soup with vegetables at Full Kee. Until the wee hours (2 am) at 509 H Street, NW, you can order a steaming bowl of soup.

Think: hearty broth with hints of star anise. A pile of long al dente noodles. Crunchy greens. And flavorful char-su pork (don't be fooled by the photo, they are not stingy with the pork).

Add a little bit of chile to balance the pork's sweetness and DC Bubble is in Chinese heaven.
In one serving you have your protein, vegetables and starch. Its like a whole food pyramid in a single bowl.

If you are especially hungry, order a pork dumpling appetizer (steamed or fried) or an order of stir-fried Chinese chives (leed flower). For fun, dare your dining companion to order from the "delacies" menu, which features cold jelly fish, pork skin and turnips, and duck blood in scallions. Anybody know the Chinese word for "yum?" Oh wait! I think its "Yum."


The Daily Dish notes that the Blue Duck Tavern (1201 24th St. NW) will replace Melrose. BDT is expected to be "a gathering place" where diners will find linen-free black walnut tables, a wood-burning oven and an American menu influenced by Pennsylvania's Amish community. Sounds a little unrefined for the Park Hyatt but we shall see. .... Komi at 1509 17th St NW has reopened with a new menu concept reports Metrocurean.

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