January 3, 2006

You Gotta Comment?!?

WHERE WOULD JESUS PARK? For years, the DC Bubble has passed the double parked cars on Sundays in front of the Vermont Avenue Baptist Church at 1630 Vermont Ave NW (marked in blue).

Double parking must be a nightmare for those blocked in. It seems reasonable to ask churchgoers to take the Metro or carpool rather than double park. The Metropolitan Police Department should enfoce the parking laws.

Yet, they haven't. In fact, they probably haven't for decades. Considering how long this has been going on, what would be so terrible about giving the church-goers special consideration and allow them some...some leeway in parking. Maybe a limited special parking zone in a one-block area on Sundays from 8 am until 4 pm. Something.

Seems like people complaining the loudest are the newest to the neighborhood. Churchgoers must learn to get along with the newer folks, but the newest arrivals too must learn to get along with the parishioners who have been involved in this community for a long, long time. Rather than sticking it to the old people and famlies who go to this and nearby churches, maybe a compromise should be sought and found.

To vent in person, the Logan Circle ANC is holding a meeting: Wednesday, Jan. 4 at 7:00 pm at the Washington Plaza Hotel at #10 Thomas Circle NW.


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Anonymous said...

the situation in logan is rediculous. no one has a right to double park and block people in.

Anonymous said...

its a racist thing. because the church goers are black dc police will not give them parking tickets

Mitch said...

I live in the Logan area and take offense to your assumption that being "new" to the neighborhood means I have less rights than church goers who live out of state (look at the plates this Sunday ... VA and MD mostly). I believe the number of years that one lives in a certain area should not dictate the level of respec the city government gives you. Its discrimatory and wrong.

Anonymous said...

Mitch is right, and unless DCBubble is intentionally trying to be contentious to elicit comments (a real possibility), the assertion that not wanting to be double-parked in on Sunday is somehow "sticking it to the old people" is ridiculous. The assertion that a "new" resident has less of a right to complain about illegal activity is equally ridiculous. A resident is a resident, new/old, parishoner or not, and they should be afforded equal rights and be expected to operate within the law.

dcbubble said...

What DC Bubble is recognizing is that the double parking has been happening for a very long time. Legal or not.

Maybe the answer is to make it legal by creating a special parking zone and give the parishers the legal right to park where they have been for decades.

Of course those that have been blocked have been more than inconvienced. But the special zone puts everyone on notice.