January 9, 2006

Afternoon Flash

SEND IN THE COPS AND CRIME GOES DOWN: Duh! Robbery and assault in Adams Morgan jumped last fall by as much as 46 percent, but fell after street patrols were increased throughout the evening and late at night, says the Washington Times.

When you go to other cities, NY, Philly etc, you see police on the street, but rarely do you see them here. When you do see the MPD, they are nearly always in a squad car. DC Bubble hates cliches, but "I only ever see them actually walking is when they are going to the 7-11 down the street."

Another factor at play in Adams Morgan and elsewhere is the interplay between gentrification and crime. On one hand, gentrifying areas drive out poor people who are involved in street crime. At the same time, when criminals are released from jail they return to thier old, now richer, neighborhoods and find victums with cash. Crime really is an embedded cultural phenomenon, not just something that happens because an elderly New York Times-allum is coming your way.

One Liner

MORE DOUGH FOR SCHOOLS: With a growing tax base, DC expects to take in as much as $200M more each year, and DC Councilman Jack Evans suggests some of the funds should be used to modernize the city's decrepit schools. Would this number be even higher if the DC Council approved the stadium, which would spur and hasten economic development in Southeast? The Post has this to say.