December 12, 2005

Wake Up Tony or You Wont Get The Stadium Where You Want It

The developers in Southeast are saying if you build the waterfront stadium, they will come. Rather supporters of the stadium in Southeast should be saying Tony Williams, too little, too late. Tony should have been selling and selling his favorite spot for the stadium for months. How many more jobs from the Southeast location? Tax Revenues?

According to the Washington Post in Developers Named to Rebuild Anacostia Waterfront, Williams said the city "sent a message asking, 'Does anyone want to build around the ballpark?' The answer was, 'Yes, we are interested in bringing real economic development.'" This map show who owns development rights where near the stadium.

Latest Head Count from the Washington Examiner:

Likely yes: Evans and Council Members Sharon Ambrose, Kathy Patterson and Vincent Orange.
Likely no: Council Members Adrian Fenty, David Catania, Marion Barry, Jim Graham, Carol Schwartz and Phil Mendelson.
Unknown: Council Chairman Linda Cropp (last year's swing vote) and Council Members Vincent Gray and Kwame Brown.

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