December 13, 2005

Stadium Math

Opponents of the baseball stadium in Southeast have conviced some that locating the stadium at RFK would save a bundle.

Well the price difference between locating the stadium in Southeast and at RFK is a whopping $67 million, according to CFO Natwar M. Gandhi. The WP says the Stadium Price Tag Rises by Millions to $605M at SE.

But tax revenue generated by a Southeast location over the life of the stadium would be 10, 20, 30 times that amount. How many jobs is that, Nat? C'mon Tony Williams lets get some figures out there showing the benefits of the stadium in SE. Construction jobs, bar and restaurant jobs. Lawyering jobs.

Here is what Tony had to say at today's hearing. Afterward he admitted, the lease will be "an uphill battle" in the Council. Master of the obvious he is.

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