December 20, 2005

Morning Feed

Music Venue To Be Added to Downtown Mix: A music education group, the Gig, is about to sign a lease for the old Carnegie Library site at Mount Vernon square, according to the Post's Mark Fisher, who says A D.C. Music Museum Sounds Better and Better for downtown. As far as we can tell, the Gig is a hands on musical venue. To give us a taste of what they are about, the Gig is holding a "Multicultural Celebration" Dec. 26 and 27. ....Fisher also reports that MLB is almost ready to start seeking bids from other cities for the Nats. Is DC again trying show the nation/the world how provincial we really are? D.C. Council please figure this out.

The Examiner reports on yesterday's hearings on the proposal to close some D.C. public schools and sell the property to charter schools or someone else. Excess property has been plauging the D.C. school system for decades and Public Schools Superintendent Clifford B. Janey hopes/plans/expects to close as many as one-third of D.C. schools next year. But the controversy surrounding this first round of closures shows he should be prepared for a big fight.


Anonymous said...

New to the blog and like it but the background color makes it really hard to read. Please consider a more reader friendly color scheme. Thanks

Mortgage Slave said...

Politics and agendas aside, a music museum sounds amazing, and I wish there was a push for something like that where I'm from. Wish I could come to the Multicultural Celebration!

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