December 19, 2005

You Gotta Comment?!?

A proposal to dispose of old public school buildings was the subject of a hearing today at the DC Council's Committee on Government Operations. The four buildings in question are the Bruce School, located at 770 Kenyon Street, N.W., Old Congress Heights School, located at 600 Alabama Avenue, S.E., the Langston and Slater Schools, located at 33 and 45 P Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., the Keene School, located at 33 Riggs Road, N.E.

Under the proposal, charter schools would given preferential rights to purchase, but some community activits, say they should have first say in what is done with the properties, according to WAMU.

Used to be a school, now someone wants to build a school on the sites, seems like a no brainer? But shouldn't the locals have a say in this? What if they dont want a school or see some better use for the property? Condos? Community Center? Casino gambling? (kidding)


Anonymous said...

why should outsiders decide what happens to a school near where I live? this is a bad precedent

Anonymous said... should decide what happens. besides there are too many charter schools w/o evidence that they are working. The old congress heights school HAS a redevelopment plan- its been in place for sometime- this plan was formed by the community- guided by a community development corporation. They don't want a school- they want retail and a community resource center. this bill adds to the mistrust the public has in the political establishment...

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