December 15, 2005

Morning Feed

GalleryPlace is Coming to Life: More and more retailers opening. Finally, Lucky Strike, the retro bowling alley, and the Clyde's are open after almost two years of construction. When I asked a manger of Clyde's about the delay, he said "What do you expect, it's a union town." Based on that response, I am sure glad I will be a diner at Clyde's and not a worker. Bed, Bath and Beyond is advertising for workers so they must be pretty close to opening too. And Balducci's is planning a store on 7th St. Dont get me wrong, a grocery store is a great thing and this is good for the nacsent "Penn Quarter" 'hood. Nevertheless, I will never forget the one time I went to Balducci's in Bethesda with a friend who purchased a bottle of modest wine, some cheese and few grapes and the bill came in over $100. Yikes..... Mark Fisher from the says Some on The Council Are Trying To Cover All the Bases and gives a head count for the DC council on the stadium...The WE explores how the proposed stadium will spur development in Anacostia...D.C. Council's Phil Mendelson Honored As Regional Leader of the Year by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. Go Phil!...The WP reports that a "Planning Body Foresees Housing Shortfall". Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments says Fairfax and Montgomery will need to change housing policies. I guess all those low-rises and open space in DC dont warrant a comment from COG according to the WP.

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