June 1, 2007

Preservation League Guns for a Fight

The DC Preservation Leauge issued its 2007 list of Most Endangered Places in a press release. Here's a sampling:

  • DCPL warns "the view from the west porch of the United States Capitol overlooking the “Grand Avenue” of the National Mall and beyond to the Potomac River and Arlington National Cemetery was once open to visitors. Today, extreme security measures cut off public access to this remarkable view . . . Centuries of careful urban planning that created a city symbolic of openness, freedom, and democracy have been overturned by spontaneous, ill planned measures."

    Is this a reference to the over zealous cops that put a few ropes on the Capitol, or a reference to the high-rises of Arlington? True the off-limit signs at the Capitol are off-putting, but the USA Today building and its ilk are worse, if you ask us DCPL. If the DCPL can wax about the lack of access, how about demanding that Arlington abide by the DC height limit?
  • Three former DC public schools located between North Capitol and 3rd Sts.
    NW "represent an irreplaceable view of the developing architecture." Armstrong High School, Slater Elementary School and Langston Elementary School. Though plans are in the works all now "are completely empty and prey to squatters and thieves," DCPL said. "Attempts to contact the Board of Education . . . regarding these schools and their dilapidated condition went unanswered." Shame.

  • The row houses of Columbia Heights, Eckington and Capitol Hill east are all under development pressure.

  • Last year we wrote about the risk of turning Mt. Pleasant Street into a strip mall.

1 comment:

Daniel said...

On behalf of Arlington (and as a guy who grew up here I feel I can speak for the County) we thumb our noses at your silly little height limit! Thank god a quirk of history restored us and Alexandria back to the Commonwealth!

BTW, the views from the Rosslyn buildings are fantastic! I must say that I like the idea that the new Central Place Office building will have an Observation Deck so that all of the areas visitors can see what up until now only office workers and their visitors could see.