June 14, 2007

Get Your Ipod in DC!!

But where? asks WashBiz. Moreover, where should Apple locate a DC retail store? Georgetown, U Street, Gallery Place? Vote here.

Bubble View:

--- Downtown, Gallery Place, Metro center is really becoming a retail counterweight to Georgetown, which used to be the only part of DC that major retailers would look at. Downtown has 24-7 foot traffic with it mix of office and residential development. Someday it may even eclipse Georgetown because it also as the Metro, which Georgetown does not.


NYCDaniel said...

24-7 foot traffic? Sometimes I wonder if you're writing about the Washington, D.C. I live in. Aside from the stretch bars hugging the Verizon Center, Downtown DC still shuts down by 7pm. Trying finding any sort of retail open past 9. Hell, even the restaurants stop serving food by 11.

dc dan said...

i agree with the previous commenter. sometimes your love of dc clouds your processing of reality. there's scarcely any 24-7 neighborhood in dc. georgetown maybe, but just barely.

Anonymous said...

Any sort of retail open past 9? ok. here you go... You should watch the use of these words: ANY, NONE, and NEVER

Comfort One Shoes and Ecco Shoes open until 11pm

CVS in Chinatown open 24 hours a day. yes, that qualifies as retail.

restaurants serving food past 11? sure...

Clydes of Gallery Place late menu until 1am

Activities in downtown DC after 7pm? sure...

You can often catch a movie starting after midnight at the Regal Cinemas in Gallery Place. Let's say the movie lets out at say 3am in the morning. When those people leave (I'm sure they won't be camping out), they are going to be generating foot traffic on city streets in the middle of the night. Right?

You can bowl at Lucky Strike Lanes until 3am. They would be generating foot traffic in the middle of the night also.

I would have let your comment slide because it was generally true, but I despise folks that say ANY or NEVER like late night activities don't exist in DC. It does exist, and those opportunites are expanding in DC, especially in Penn Quarter - a neighborhood in downtown DC. Yes, we are to that point where downtown DC has neighborhoods within it. Yes, some neighborhoods (Golden Triangle) in downtown DC shut down early, but not all of them.

dcbubble.blogspot said...

ok ok ok 24-seven is exaggeratted. Thousand pardons.

But it is 18 hour foot traffic. On six days. Ok five. Ok four outta seven days a week.

True 7th St. ain't Times Square, but how many places in this continent, country get that kind of flow.

Everyhting urban pales compared to NYC. It's just not a fair comparison for any city.

nycdaniel said...


I wrote "other than the bars hugging Verizon Center". Guess what? All of the places you name hug the Verizon Center. Step off that strip of 7th Street past 7 or 8pm during the week or 10pm on the weekends and you'll find a pretty dead neighborhood.

hhh said...