May 16, 2007

Zara Zeros in on Za Zity

The sign says it all. Zara is opening on F St. next to H & M and around the corner from Macy's and West Elm. As first reported forever ago by GPLiving, this store will be the largest Zara outside NYC (over 20k ft).
Slowly, surely, slowly. Downtown is beginning to craft itself as a retail destination. The node on 7th St. with the movie theater and shops now has a counterpart on F St. and its all being stiched together. All so slowly. But it is happening. Wouldn't the ladies lunching at the Garfinkle's lunch counter be pleased?


Anonymous said...

That is fabulous news. As a former New Yorker, one thing I find so frustrating about DC is that all the highend shopping is in Georgetown, which seems basically stressful to get to....especially if you work during the day. More retail downtown!!

Flash Poker said...

Also what in that case to do?