May 2, 2007


Time for a commuter commuter tax congestion toll? Mayor-for-Life Marion Barry thinks so. If the Supremes won't let DC tax the income produced within its borders, why not impose a fee to cross the border?

"More than 400,000 nonresidents are on our streets every day, getting police protection, fire protection, causing potholes," Barry told WTOP. "We love them, but they ought to pay some money for tearing up our streets."

Barry did not suggest a price for the tolls, saying that would be for the commission to determine. His legislation was co-sponsored by council members Harry Thomas Jr. and Kwame Brown.

Despite the district's strong economic footing, the city faces a gap of up to $1.2 billion a year between how much revenue it can collect and how much it needs to operate, according to a federal study. The disparity is partly blamed on the city's inability to tax the income of about 480,000 people who work in D.C. but live elsewhere.


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